Who Can Fix the Knicks?

I was speaking with my good friend Steven Eschelbacher (yes, E-S-C-H-E-L-B-A-C-H-E-R) the other day about who will take over for Isiah Thomas when he does finally get fired either today, tomorrow, or whenever. There were a number of names that popped up in the conversation, none of which really thrilled us initially. Making Herb Williams the Head Coach seems like an easy decision since he has shown he is the most loyal person in franchise history. However, it was the front office that we decided needed more help.

Isiah getting fired most certainly would include his role as General Manager, not just as Head Coach. With that, who would be the best person to fix the mess? It seems clear that it should come from inside the Knicks “family,” since the attempts at going outside have failed so miserably.

After brief consideration, Steve told me he knows who the perfect man for the job is: former New York Knick and New Jersey Senator William Warren Bradley.

Bill Bradley played ten seasons for the Knicks, including two NBA championships. Though he hasn’t done much for the Knicks since, he is a significant link to the winning years of the franchise.

I am not sure Bradley knows anything about today’s game, but hey, does Isiah? Plus, since Bradley is kind of old, he is probably good friends with Jerry West, who I’m sure would love to come in and fix the mess that Isiah has created since he first started working for the team in 2004.

I also just recently learned that Bill Bradley is very close with Phil Jackson, enough that Bradley accompanied Jackson to the Hall of Fame this year for his induction ceremony. Apparently the two became friends when they were traveling roommates together on the Knicks. Now wouldn’t that be something? Phil Jackson as Head Coach, Bill Bradley as General Manager and Jerry West as a special adviser to the team? Throw in Patrick Ewing as an assistant to Herb Williams and I think we’ve got something.

Let’s Go Knicks!


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