You know it’s bad…

…when Al Trautwig says that it was the “worst night [he’s] ever seen in the Garden,” when referring to the Knicks tonight.

Golden State Warriors: 108
New York Knicks: 82

Knicks had 29 turnovers (7 for Zach Randolph), shot 4-20 from three point land
Eddy Curry had 3 rebounds

Mike Breen mentioned multiple times that the fans were chanting “Fire Isiah,” which I don’t think is ever acknowledged by an announcer, let alone the home team’s guy.

Just a despicable night at Madison Square Garden.

“I thought the effort was good tonight, we were just bad.” – Isiah Thomas
No Isiah, the effort was embarrassing tonight and the entire team should be ashamed.


One Response to “You know it’s bad…”

  1. Just one more bite Says:

    According to the post, the Fire Isiah chant started 8 different times, and a couple of guys who were right behind Dolan were yelling it at Dolan.

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