Some Questions for Isiah

1. What is going on with Randolph Morris? You were actually praised for signing him a week after his last collegiate game due to a loop hole in the Draft rules, but then you only play him 4 minutes and 54 seconds this entire season?

2. If you aren’t going to find time for RanMo, why not find some minutes for Wilson Chandler? You loved this guy enough to draft him ahead of Aaron Brooks, Aaron Afflalo, Alando Tucker, Gabe Pruitt, Big Baby Davis, Herbert Hill and DJ Strawberry and yet he only gets into two of the first 12 games?

3. What is the point of keeping Malik Rose on the roster? He is clearly not contributing to the club in any way during games; if he is a great practice player, then why not cut him and let him join a practice squad?

4. Renaldo Balkman was a great find last year, but do you realize you could have had him AND either Kyle Lowry, Rajon Rondo, Marcus Williams, Jordan Farmar or Daniel “Booby” Gibson? I am no basketball expert, but I think that would have been better than starting Mardy Collins over Stephon Marbury.

5. Eddy Curry is listed at 285 pounds. Please look at this picture and tell me how that is possible:


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