Knicks Lose by 45, Isiah Still Coach

The New York Knicks lost by 45 points last night to the first place Boston Celtics, 104-59 and missed tying the record for fewest points scored in a game by the Knicks by one point. Nate Robinson hit a 37-foot three pointer as time expired to pull the Knicks within 45.

Robinson was also the only Knicks player to score in double figures (with 11), as the team failed to put up more than 18 points in any quarter.

The Celtics dominated all aspects of the game and consistently made the Knicks look foolish. With the loss, the Knicks are now 4-10 on the season after starting the year 2-1. One would have to think that the end of the line for Isiah Thomas is close, but with the way the Knicks have handled him in the past couple of seasons, you never know.

What is known is that the Knicks are officially the laughing stock of the NBA. True, they may have held that role before last night’s game, but if they got anything out of the drubbing they took last night, it’s that they are a joke. They are ridiculed by all other teams and even make the Minnesota Timberwolves look like a promising nucleus for the future.

The Knicks have no direction, the roster is filled with overpriced and under-performing (not to mention undersized) players who have clearly given up on their team, city and coach and they have an owner who seems more than content with everything as long as the Rangers keep winning and people keep buying $9 beers at Madison Square Garden, “the World’s Most Famous Arena” with the country’s most infamous team.

When does baseball start again?


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