With Cabrera Trade Done for Tigers, Twins Should Want More from Red Socks

The Detroit Tigers made a humongous splash in the trade market yesterday, acquiring third baseman Miguel Cabrera and left handed pitcher Dontrelle Willis for their top two prospects and four lower-tiered players. Left handed pitcher Andrew Miller and outfielder Cameron Maybin were the two prizes that Florida won, allowing the team to lower their payroll to about what Alex Rodriguez will make as a bonus when he matches Willie Mays’ 660 career home runs.

Given that the Tigers let go their two formerly untouchable prospects for one of the best hitters in baseball and a former 20-game winner, I think that the Johan Santana sweepstakes should take a rest. It appears that the Boston Red Socks have two offers presented to the Minnesota Twins, one revolving around Jon Lester and the other around Jacoby Ellsbury. However, given that the Marlins just got the top two prospects from another club, shouldn’t the Twins expect the same for the best pitcher on the planet?

Though the Red Socks have formally stated that their top prospect, pitcher Clay Buchholz, is not available, the Twins should be asking for their #2 and #3 overall prospects, which would be Lester and Ellsbury. Given the new market for a superstar, the Twins will only be low-balling themselves if they accept anything less than the two youngsters.


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