Villanova Completes Huge Comeback to Beat LSU

Just when you thought the Wildcats were down and out, the comeback began. Trailing by 21 points with 8 minutes and 51 seconds left, Villanova freshman guard Malcolm “Dividends” Grant took the game over, scoring in as many ways as possible and brought the Wildcats to a hard fought 68-67 victory last night over LSU.

Grant converted a four-point play, hit all three free throws after getting fouled on a different three point attempt and scored 13 points in the last three minutes of the game to bring the Wildcats back.

Villanova trailed 35-24 at the half and got nothing from leading scorers Scottie Reynolds and Shane Clark, who combined for 10 points. Casiem “The Dream” Drummond finished with 10 points on 5-7 shooting and seemed to be the only bright spot for the team in the first half. Dante Cunningham, who ended up scoring the go ahead basket with 5.9 seconds left, finished with 16 points and 12 rebounds.

Grant was given a shot to win the game, but his wild attempt only grazed the backboard; however, the shot ended up being a perfect pass to Cunningham, who followed the ball perfectly and put the ball in for the win. Cunningham had a similar move at the end of Villanova’s game against North Carolina State, a game which many believed the Wildcats were robbed of with a phantom foul call at the end.

Villanova’s next game will be Sunday at 7pm against Big Five rival Temple University.


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