Comparing Fluke Seasons

Last year when the Jets finished an improbable 10-6 under first year head coach Eric Mangini, all I kept hearing from my friends who are Giants fans is that the Jets had an easy schedule and didn’t beat anyone good to get to their playoff record.

This year, the Giants are heading into the final weekend of the season sitting on a 10-5 record, with the 15-0 New England Patriots coming to town. With that said, the 2007 Giants and the 2006 Jets will finish with the same records.

In total, the Jets’ opponents record last season was 120-136, with three wins against teams with a .500 record or better. This season (based on the following assumptions for this weekend’s games: Seattle beats Atlanta, Cleveland beats San Francisco, Green Bay beats Detroit, New Orleans beats Chicago, Cincinnati beats Miami, Philadelphia beats Buffalo, Washington beats Dallas, Minnesota beats Denver and the Jets beat Kansas City), the Giants’ opponents cumulative record will be 131-125, with three wins against teams with a .500 record or better.

The overall record clearly favors the Giants, although the same number of wins against teams with winning records should have a greater standing since the Giants will play a team with a winning record in the playoffs.

Looking further into the wins and losses, the record of the Jets’ opponents who they beat last year was 64-96 vs. 56-40 against teams they lost to. The Giants’ opponents records were 58-102 vs. 73-23, respectively.

Of the three wins that each team had against opponents with .500 records or better, two of the three were teams that finished 8-8. The “best” Giants win this season was a road game at Washington, which I presume will finish 9-7. The Jets’ “best” win last season was also a road game, at New England, who finished 12-4.

Overall, I am absolutely not saying that the 2006 Jets had a better season than the 2007 Giants. But I think it’s important to note that they are very similar, which should bring some Giants fans down a little bit.

And that’s really what it’s all about.


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