Giants Win Sends Team and Fans Into Euphoric State of Denial

The New York Giants’ upset victory over the 13-3 Dallas Cowboys this past weekend has sent their fan base into a sports euphoria that hasn’t been seen by Giants fans since their Super Bowl appearance seven years ago. Quarterback Eli Manning did just enough not to lose and the Giants will now travel to Green Bay to face the Packers at Lambeau Field.

Giants fans, who often speak of the “fruits of victory,” despite not winning a Super Bowl since 1991, are back on their high horses now that the team is one win away from the big game. Many also point to the Giants appearance in the Super Bowl in 2001 as evidence of the aforementioned fruits, a 34-7 thrashing by the Baltimore Ravens. The score differential in that game is tied for the biggest lopsided Super Bowl since 1993.

The Giants were able to score quickly on their three scoring drives against Dallas, something they may not be able to do as easily in the arctic cold of Lambeau Field. Many Giants fans previously have admitted that Manning is essentially as good as Chad Pennington in cold weather games, but now that they have beaten Dallas, he might as well be better than Brett Favre.

“Eli may have grown up and gone to college in the south, but they make their iced tea really cold, so he knows how to deal with lower temperatures,” said head coach Tom Coughlin during a news conference to announce his new 15-year contract extension. “I mean, seriously, how much of a factor could the weather possibly play in a football game?”

According to, the weather for Sunday calls for flurries all day, with a high of four degrees and a low of one.


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