Something To Be Thankful For This Super Bowl Season

With the two teams that bring nothing but anger to Jet fans everywhere about to play in the Super Bowl against one another, one must take some time to look for a silver lining. I still haven’t decided who I am cheering for since I will have more fun watching the new commercial than the game itself, but you know what is great? Not having to watch Jeremy Shockey in the Super Bowl! This guy runs his mouth more than any other player in New York and doesn’t have anything to back it up with.

Giant fans think that Shockey is the best tight end in football because he spikes the ball after every four-yard catch, which hasn’t happened since December 16th, and he runs his mouth about how great he is with the Giants. Shockey played in 14 games this season and finished with three touchdowns. You know what other tight end finished with three touchdowns? Chris Baker of the New York Jets.

So, as we are now ten days away from the Super Bowl, let’s all be thankful that Jeremy Shockey is no where to be seen or heard.


One Response to “Something To Be Thankful For This Super Bowl Season”

  1. Just one more bite Says:

    You know a player is overrated or terrible when they start comparing you to a Jets player

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