Glad I’m Not the Only One Who Noticed

From Michael Silver’s February 4th entry on Yahoo! Sports:

Over-The-Top, Ephredrine-Laced Diatribe at 4:19 A.M.
Belichick, what happened to you? The stunt you pulled at the end of Sunday’s game, after Brady’s fourth-down pass fell incomplete with one second remaining, was comically unnecessary and regrettable. Venturing all the way across the field to shake Coughlin’s hand (and essentially ruining his rival’s moment), then essentially saying “peace out” and leaving before the Giants’ final kneel-down is something I might expect to see from an immature player – come to think of it, Randy Moss did the same thing as a member of the Minnesota Vikings in a loss to the Redskins at the end of the ’04 regular season, and he was understandably skewered as a result. So were the nine Pistons who left the court in the final minutes of a four-game Eastern Conference Finals sweep to the Chicago Bulls in 1991. Give Belichick credit for one thing: Consistency. He is both a bad winner and a lousy loser. From the celebrated blowoffs of Eric Mangini (in ’06) and Tony Dungy (in ’07) to the running-up-the-score episodes from earlier this season, the guy shows as much disrespect for his opponents in victory as he did in Sunday’s rare defeat. Maybe he’d handle a tie better? I don’t know, but I hope Belichick takes some time to reflect on how far over the edge of reasonable behavior he has gone over the past couple of seasons, and how needless it all is. We’re talking about one of the greatest coaches of all time, and a guy who I know has great respect for the game of football. He should start acting like it again.


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