Shaq Diesel to Phoenix?

Reports are running rampant throughout the internet today that Shaquille O’Neal will be traded to the Phoenix Suns in exchange for disgruntled fantasy superstar Shawn Marion and disgruntled bench warmer Marcus Banks. Many people are shocked that the Suns would make this kind of deal, since they earlier turned down offers of Andrei Kirilenko for Marion, as well as Richard Jefferson for Marion.

When asked what he thought about the deal, former Shaq teammate Kobe Bryant said “Really? I know he likes the warm weather.” What does that even mean? Is he saying he is happy that Shaq is staying in warm weather because Phoenix is hot, or has Bryant completely forgotten that South Beach is warm all year round.

Regardless, it’s a weird deal and one that could certainly expose Shawn Marion for the type of player he really is, since he will no longer have Steve Nash throwing alley-oops to him from half court. I don’t see Jason Williams or Ricky Davis being able to replicate what Nash brings to Marion’s game.

What bothers me the most about this trade is that it means Shaq isn’t going to be traded to the Knicks for Stephon Marbury, a deal that was hinted about months ago on the world wide web. The opportunity to buy a Shaq Knicks jersey was just an awesome thought in my mind and now those dreams will go unfulfilled. Thanks again Isiah!


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