Red Socks Looking to Void Schilling Deal?

The Red Socks Nation Globe and the Red Socks Nation Herald are both reporting that the Boston Red Socks are looking to possibly void their one-year agreement with Curt Schilling because of nagging questions regarding the pitcher’s shoulder. The club believes that Schilling needs surgery on his pitching shoulder, but Schilling is adamantly arguing that it is not required.

Schilling signed a contract for $8 million for the 2008 season, presumed to be his last. He apparently spurned offers from other clubs to resign with the Red Socks, although no team stated publicly that they were even remotely interested.

The injury is unknown, but it is believed to be either a rotator cuff problem or a labrum injury, both of which are very serious and could jeopardize his season.

Also according to the Herald, the Red Socks are looking at adding either Kyle Loshe or possibly even Bartolo Colon to the rotation if Schilling is unable to play.


One Response to “Red Socks Looking to Void Schilling Deal?”

  1. The Sports Hernia Says:

    Wow, Schilling looks like he writes his name with a hot dog in that picture. Awesome.

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