Kidd Heading Back to Dallas

Joumana Kidd’s ex-husband, Jason Kidd, will be traded to the Dallas Mavericks, the team he began his professional career with 13 years ago. In exchange for Kidd and former Villanova star Malik Allen, the New Jersey Nets will receive 24-year old point guard Devin Harris, veteran Jerry Stackhouse, center DeSagana Diop, swingman Devean George, guard Maurice Ager, up to $3 million in cash and two first round picks, which will be in this year’s draft and 2010.

I don’t know what the hell the Mavericks were thinking in making this deal, as Jason Kidd is merely a shadow of the player he used to be and Devin Harris has become a solid up and coming point guard in the league. Either way, Jason Kidd is heading back to Dallas and will do his best to help them compete in the increasingly difficult western conference.


2 Responses to “Kidd Heading Back to Dallas”

  1. Just one more bite Says:

    Don’t forget about Diop, a solid defensive center that they use a lot because of Dampier’s foul trouble and injuries. In the west not having a couple of defensive big men can really hurt you with Duncan, Shaq, Amare, Yao, Gasol, Bynum, West and others all patrolling the paint. This just seems like a move to make a move because everyone else in the west is doing it.

  2. Privatjokr Says:

    This is Dallas’s short-term move to match the others made. I think they gave up too much and I agree with JOMB that Diop is the surprising name given up by big D.

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