Ray Allen Inexplicably Named to All Star Team

Despite having his worst season in almost a decade, Boston Celtics shooting guard Ray Allen was named to the Eastern Conference All Star team in place of Washington Wizards forward Caron Butler, who will be missing the game due to injury. Many throughout the New England area were pushing for Allen to be included on the roster, even though a majority of his success this year has been as the third wheel behind Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.

I’d argue there are at least five guys who should have made the team over Allen, starting with Toronto Raptors point guard Jose Calderon, who is currently one of the most productive point guards in the entire league. Additionally, commissioner David Stern could have chosen new Miami Heat forward Shawn Marion, who just missed being included on the Western Conference roster before he was traded. Magic forward Hedo Turkoglu is another possibility, followed by Philadelphia 76er Andre Iguodala and Atlanta Hawks stat-sheet filler Josh Smith.

Commissioner Stern is clearly just playing to the media who can keep plugging this “Big Three” idea some more, even though Kevin Garnett is currently injured and will be missing the game.

Hopefully the Jason Kidd trade goes through so that Calderon can get his rightful publicity for the fantastic season he is having.


One Response to “Ray Allen Inexplicably Named to All Star Team”

  1. Just one more bite Says:

    You know me, I love the % cause I think they are a great measure of efficiency in a player. Look at this stat comparison:
    50.7 FG%, 46.6 3pt%, 90.3 FT%, 3-1 A/TO Ratio

    54.5 FG%, 47.2 3pt%, 92.3 FT%, 5.5 – 1 A/TO Ratio

    The first is Steve Nash, the second is Jose Calderon. And no, I’m not saying Calderon is better, but I don’t see how he isn’t on the all-star team in the East.

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