Manny Being Manny Signs With Boras

Boston Red Socks outfielder Manny Being Manny Ramirez has changed agents and will now be represented by superstar agent Scott Boras. Manny Being Manny has one year left on his contract with the Red Socks, but the club holds a $20 million option for the 2009 season and another for the 2010 season.

Boras is considered the nastiest agent in baseball in the eyes of club owners, but almost always seems to do the best by his clients. Other than the recent Alex Rodriguez fiasco, Boras has made a fortune while negotiating contracts for the players he represents. Nevertheless, it appears he isn’t that knowledgeable about Manny Being Manny.

“It’s always a privilege to talk to great hitters and this guy’s a Hall of Fame hitter,” Boras said. “He’s a very dedicated worker and he has a chance to play the game for a long time because of his ability and how he conditions himself.”

“The real important discussion to have is his long-term plan and how long he wants to play. He wants to play a long time. He used his ‘I want to be the next Julio Franco’ line on us, too. With his conditioning program, he’s got the body of a 30-year-old. He’s a very committed athlete.

Looking at his career, Manny being Manny has only played in 150+ games six times in his 15-year career and has played less than 135 in each of the past two seasons.

Nevertheless, if the Red Socks decide not to pay Manny being Manny $20 million next season, it wouldn’t be surprising if someone else did thanks to Boras.


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